Fluorescent Lamps

T12 LampsCWX = Cool White Deluxe                               T8 LampsWWX = Warm White Deluxe                 3000 Kelvin BloomingGL = Gro-Lux Standard                          5000 Kelvin Growth/BloomingWS = Wide Spectrum                             6500 Kelvin GrowthVX = VeriluxAS = AgrosunWe offer Cool White (CW), Warm White (WW), Gro-Lux (GL), Wide Spectrum (WS), and Verilux Tru Bloom (VX) lamps. We believe your best choice for results and cost are Wide Spectrum (WS) for blooming and Gro-Lux (GL) for starting seeds and growing. Both the GL and WS lamps alter the appearance of the plants and flowers, while they are under the lights. If you want a lamp that gives you good results without altering plant appearance, then choose the Verilux Tru Bloom (VX). Plants under the VX lamps will appear closer to their true colors.T8 lamps can only be used in fixtures rated for use with T8***China has enacted environmental initiatives that affect production of rare-earth phosphors used in fluorscent lamps.  As a result the cost of phosphors have been increasing so we will have to raise the prices of fluorescent lamps gradually over the next few months.****

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