FG50POT Fiber Grow Coconut Coir 50 Pot Greenhouse Kit

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Fiber Grow Coconut Coir Pot Greenhouse Kit for Eco Friendly seed starting.

• Environmentally Friendly Fiber Grow biodegradable coconut fiber pots are more durable than peat pots.
• Kits include 50 Fiber Grow coir pots (in strips), reusable recyclable tray and humidity dome
• More resistant to mold than peat pots
• Fits inside the 22″ x 11″ Perma-Nest Plant Trays
• Refill kit: FG50POTR

Dimensions: 21.5″ Wide x 11.25″ Deep x 1.75″ High

Top of dome is 2.25″ above the tray